Smarten up the way you communicate with SLT’s new Smart Phone
Now available for just Rs.35,000/- (Inclusive of taxes) Visit your nearest Regional Telecom Office or Teleshop to purchase a phone today.
Special cordless phone offer
SLT brings you the latest cordless Phone. Contact nearest Teleshop for details.
When you business needs a secure web site, you need SLT.
Our web hosting plans will satisfy your website’s needs, giving you an affordable, easy and fast way to get your site online.
SLT Junior
Let your kids explore, learn new things and have fun by simply dialing 1296 from your Citylink and Megaline phone. Rs.5 will be charged per minute.
Special Wi-Fi router offer for Broadband customers
With SLT broadband and its Wi-Fi router, the whole family can enjoy consistent, uninterrupted, high speed internet on any Wi-Fi enabled device. Price starting from Rs. 2990.00 onwards. Taxes applicable.

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