Sri Lanka Telecom as a responsible corporate citizen has taken bold steps to create awareness and popularize the habit of conservation of the natural heritage in Sri Lanka. Launching its computer generated coral conservation Facebook gaming application, will facilitate the tech savvy young generation to engage in the conservation process. Coral reefs are fascinating marvels of nature. Often referred to as “underwater rainforests”, they are made of millions of tiny organisms called coral polyps that belong to the same Phylum – Cnidarian as sea anemones and jellyfish. Being one of the most biologically diverse and economically valuable ecosystems found on earth, coral reefs are home to nearly one quarter of all known marine species. It has been estimated that the coral reef ecosystem is associated with over one million species of plants and animals, while about 25% of fish biodiversity in the world is also found on coral reefs.

The “Diver” is the key character of the game that represents the actual player and the goal is to collect the garbage in the sea and get points within the given time frame. In addition to collecting garbage, the app will also provide technical information about various types of corals and their habitats. Five different types of corals will be used and will be visible in level 1 and level 2 of the game. These corals are categorized into two categories depending on the depth of the sea and the distance to the beach: Shallow water Corals & Deep water Corals.