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Get more leads and automate customer support with chatbots

SLT BizChat provides a new way for Sri Lankan companies to engage their customers on websites and social media.

3 reasons why to choose SLT BizChat

Use on any device
Our chatbots are placed and optimized by professionals. Then we use A/B testing to ensure highest possible conversion rates compared to our competition.
Social media and website
You can create chatbots that really, not just barely, work with your brand and your website. Customise everything to suit your customers and your brand.
Easy to build
Enterprise level features out of the box. Chat based search, natural language processing, answer training, payments, subscriptions and a lot more.
Modern chatbots that convert

Create a modern chatbot for your business in minutes

Create chatbots that feel human and fill your business requirements. We work with brands to create lead generation, customer support and multichannel chatbots. You can also sign up and build your own chatbots.

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SLT BizChat works anywhere

Easily place chatbots on your website and Facebook pages

Instead of just placing the chatbot on your website, you can add it to your Facebook page as well. You can also have live agents that can talk directly to your customers.

Installing is as simple as copying a simple line of code and pasting it on your website. We also provide an installation service.

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Dynamic forms

Create modern dynamic forms for your business in minutes

Use our form builder to create dynamic online forms for your business. You can increase your website conversion and allow your customers to book your services online.

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Simple and affordable pricing

The price consists of two main things. A setup fee will be charged on the initialisation of the service and a subscription fee will be charged monthly.

One time setup fee
6500 LKR
6,200 LKR
Get two months free
74,400 LKR
Two months free
Features included
  • One customised chatbot
  • Conditional logic jumps
  • Lead routing
  • Live chat
  • Custom CSS
  • Interactive forms
  • Greeting messages
  • Simple builder interface
  • Basic analytics
  • Facebook integration
Optional Addons
  • Additional chatbots
    3700 LKR / Chatbot
  • Livechat transfer
    SMS - 5 LKR & Whatsapp 15 LKR / Notifications
  • Language translation
    2000 LKR / Month
  • Interactive forms
    2000 LKR / Month (First 2 Months FREE)
  • Custom integrations
    On request
  • SearchBot
    On request

SLT BizChat works for all industries

SLT BizChat has been tested with many industries and can work with a lot more.

Real estate
Many others

Increase your leads and automate your support

Start creating chatbots and forms for your company. You will increase your conversion and improve your customer satisfaction.