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Why select SLT to connect your Business Offices ?

Our networking services offer you various benefits based on state-of-the-art technologies such as G.SHDSL, Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP-MPLS by leveraging on our Next Generation Network (NGN).



The IP VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that delivers private network services over a shared infrastructure through IP/MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching ) backbone that utilizes technologies to ensure privacy of data. Through our IP VPN, we offer you enterprise-class scalability and reliability across multiple IP-based infrastructures, along with many of the performance and security characteristics traditionally found only in dedicated private environments.

A well-designed IP VPN can greatly benefit a company by providing:


In private local area networks (LANs), IP-based intranets have fundamentally changed the way companies conduct their business......

MPLS technology based VPNs combine the intelligence of private IP routing with the added performance of label switching to move packets between any locations on the network. With only one access link to the MPLS "cloud" from each of your locations, full mesh connectivity will improve your network scalability, reliability, and internal network application performance.

Our MPLS will also provide a greater degree of security for your voice and other types of business traffic since each VPN is a virtually separated network infrastructure over our MPLS IP backbone.

SLT IP VPN offers you choices in your network design of sophisticated VPN technologies, access, security and voice, with the flexibility to add-on options such as remote access and hosting at the IDC (Internet Data Centre).

Domestic VPN

This is the IP VPN service for the business offices located across the Island to be connected through the SLT IP/MPLS core network. SLT offers the following products under this category,

Global VPN

SLT Global VPN connects your international offices to each other through secure private network. This creates a virtual office envirnment where users in the local and foreign offices together.

Mobile VPN

SLT enables enterprise users to access their existing enterprise IP VPN via the mobile access network with a 3G/4G modem directly without going through the internet. The authorized person can access their enterprise IP VPN after an authentication process, which utilizes a pre-assigned username and dynamic password. It provides true mobility to the customer whilst always being connected to their enterprise IP VPN.

Remote VPN

SLT remote VPN provides remote offices, telecommuters and mobile users access to their enterprise IP VPN via internet. It enables users to access their IP VPN while at home using any access line or even when they are travelling abroad, via internet where by it provides some mobility.

Advantages of SLT Remote VPN

SLT IP VPN Class of Service (CoS)

SLT's IP VPN service offers CoS capability to enable the best possible mix of network resource optimization and performance guarantees for individual application requirements. Three CoS are available in the core network. Customer's own CoS levels may be mapped onto each of these three at the customer edge routers.

Remote VPN client configuration for Windows

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