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Revolutionizing internet usage across the country whilst expanding Sri Lanka’s broadband capacity, SLT Broadband proudly introduced faster internet speeds, taking the speeds up to as much as 21 Mbps. SLT is once again revolutionizing Internet usage across the country, by unveiling a significant enhancement to the SLT Broadband user experience.



Higher Education

We provide special broadband packages for students to support them to secure their future. With consistent, uninterrupted, high-speed internet now rocketing up to 21 Mbps, you have access to the world on your finger tips, and can browse the web and download education content, interact with students, lecturers and other education networks from across the globe as well as carry out distance learning right from your home.

  • Higher Education 01
  • Monthly Rental
  • Download Bandwidth
    21 Mbps
  • Upload Bandwidth
    512 Kbps
  • Monthly Usage Volume (GB)
    Maximum download volume during peak hours
  • Monthly Additional Free Usage Volume (GB)
    Maximum upload volume during both peak & off-peak hours and maximum download volume during off-peak hours
  • Total Monthly Usage
    Maximum usage volume during both peak & off-peak hours
  • Usage on Demand

    Download and upload speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps after reaching either maximum peak download volume or the total usage volume. Additional volume can be requested with same speed - Note 02

  • Higher Education 02
  • Monthly Rental
  • Download Bandwidth
    21 Mbps
  • Upload Bandwidth
    512 Kbps
  • Monthly Usage Volume (GB)
    Maximum download volume during peak hours
  • Monthly Additional Free Usage Volume (GB)
    Maximum upload volume during both peak & off-peak hours and maximum download volume during off-peak hours
  • Total Monthly Usage
    Maximum usage volume during both peak & off-peak hours
  • Usage on Demand

    Download and upload speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps after reaching either maximum peak download volume or the total usage volume. Additional volume can be requested with same speed - Note 02

  • Who eligible
  • Those who are in University Education, following Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma or any other acceptable courses in Government or Private Institutes are eligible to obtain this package.
  • Documents required to obtain the service: A letter from the education institute or student identity card.

You are the lifeblood of Sri Lanka's rapid journey towards progress and prosperity. As a token of gratitude for your dedication we present you with an exclusive broadband package, 'Abhimaana'. Abhimaana will empower you with consistent, uninterrupted, high-speed internet access at very special rates.

Extra GB top-up options

Size of Extra GB Block

1 GB to 4 GBRs.100 per GB
5 GB to 19 GBRs.85 per GB
20 GB to 49 GBRs.75 per GB
50 GB upwardsRs.60 per GB
  • Notes
  • Speeds may vary depending on line distance and condition.
  • Note 02 - To avoid speed reduction, customer can request for additional volume. Please refer above table for Extra GB charges.
  • Off-peak time for download volume is from 00.00 to 08.00 hrs..
  • Equipment configuration support fee is Rs. 500. (Optional)
  • Minimum 60% service quality will be maintained with respect to line speed supported.
  • All charges above are exclusive of Government taxes and will be applicable at the time of purchase.
What are the SLT Broadband Terms and Conditions?

Please refer to SLT Broadband Terms and Conditions page. 

What is SLT Broadband (ADSL)?

SLT Broadband provides you consistent, uninterrupted, high speed internet access through ADSL technology. It converts your regular phone line into a high-speed digital link, enabling simultaneous transmission of voice and data, as opposed to dial-up internet. As a result of switching to Broadband ADSL, data can be transferred at greatly increased speeds.) and above.

What does the terms "ADSL" and "BROADBAND" refer to?

Broadband refers to a form of telecommunication that allows higher data transfer rates. Broadband transfers data at least 10 times faster than standard dial-up, because it provides wide band of frequencies to transfer data at the same time.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband connection technology which utilizes existing copper wired telephone networks. ADSL is ‘asymmetric’ because it facilitates different speeds for downloading and uploading, for optimized performance. This is the reason why ADSL packages always quote higher download speeds compared to upload speeds.

What can Broadband used for?

  • Downloading large files and / or attachments
  • Web browsing at a faster speed online
  • Online shopping and e-commerce applications
  • Faster downloading of Audio and Video
  • Video streaming
  • Online gaming
  • Accessing Corporate Intranets

How will Broadband benefit my Business?

  • Fast and reliable and ‘Always on’ connection allows your business to be constantly in contact with customers and suppliers
  • Access to the Internet, phone and fax on the same line increases business productivity
  • Option of getting PeoTV services on the same line
  • Manageability of your usage volume and faster transfer rates at all the times of the day through SLT Broadband volume based packages

What are the Broadband packages available from SLT?

SLT offers seven Broadband packages.

  • Abhimaana
  • Entrée
  • Web Starter
  • Web Pal
  • Web Family
  • Web Surfer
  • Web Pro
  • Web Master
  • Web Champ
  • Web Life

Static IP is provided on request  for Web Master, Champ and Life packages

Which Broadband package should I select?

You should select the broadband package which best suits your usage and requirement.

It is important to note that there is no significant difference in single session transfer rates in accessing global internet at the peak hours by unlimited usage packages. However, the aggregate transfer rates of multiple sessions may reach the maximum speed.

  • Entrée,Web Starter & Pal packages are suitable for single or few PCs that require fast transfer rates at all times and are interested in managing the volume of usage
  • If you intend to connect multiple PCs to the internet through the Broadband connection, you may choose a package with higher bandwidth (Family,SME Business & Heavy User) depending on the number of PCs to be connected.
  • If you need a static IP for your broadband connection, you may choose one of the Business packages

I’m an Broadband User. How can I change my package?

You can migrate to any of the available packages that you feel would better suit your requirements. The following charges apply for package migration.

  • Existing unlimited customers can transfer to the new unlimited packages free of charge.
  • Package transfer charges between presently available packages ( unlimited and volume based packages) will be Rs.250.00

When I subscribe for the Broadband service how can I get an e-mail account?

SLT Broadband packages include one or more e-mail accounts depending on the package you choose. Additional email accounts can be applied if required.

What is the difference between an ADSL Router and a Modem?

If you intend to connect a single PC, an ADSL modem is sufficient for you. But if you need to connect multiple PCs you are required to purchase an ADSL router.

Can SLT install the ADSL Modem/Router and Splitter for me?

Yes. SLT would configure and install your modem/router at a cost of Rs. 500.00 upon your request.

You can purchase the Modem/Router from any SLT Teleshop or online from Teleshop web site

If you purchase the router or modem elsewhere, please ensure that they comply with the ITU G.992.1 (ADSL,G.dmt) / ITU 992.5(ADSL2+), Annex A/M/L standards.

Why do I need a splitter?

An ADSL splitter is a low pass filter which allows only the voice signals to pass through. If you do not connect a splitter, you may hear noise on your telephone during voice calls.

If you have parallel telephones before the splitter, then for each parallel line you are required to connect a splitter or a micro filter.

Can I apply for Broadband Services, if I am not the owner of the telephone line I intend to have the Broadband service for?

Yes. But you are required to produce a letter signed by the legal owner of the telephone, authorizing you to obtain and use the service.

Do I still need to pay my phone line rental and phone usage charges, or is it included in the Broadband charges?

Yes, you need to pay your phone line rental and usage charges for telephone calls. The Broadband (ADSL) charges are only for the high-speed Internet surfing.

I have an ISDN line. Can I get Broadband Service on the ISDN line?

Currently SLT offers Broadband service on normal PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines only. You may need to convert the ISDN line to a normal telephone line by making a written request to your regional telecom office/teleshop, if you need SLT Broadband) service on the line. However, your telephone number may change, since PSTN number levels are different from ISDN number levels.

Can I use my Broadband User Account to log in from a PSTN / ISDN dial-up phone?

No, you will not be able to dial into SLTNet using SLT Broadband Express Account on a PSTN / ISDN dial-up connection.

Why doesn't my data transfer rate reach maximum allowed speed when I access the Internet?

Data transfer rate of an internet session depends on many factors such as:

  • Memory Capacity, CPU Occupancy and stability of the destination hosting/streaming server
  • The speed at which the destination hosting/streaming server is connected to the Internet.
  • Network congestion and propagation delay in the international backbone on which your data travels
  • The CPU occupancy and memory capacity of the computer browsing the internet.
  • The physical line condition of the copper pair and home network cabling.

Therefore your data transfer rates may not reach the maximum allowed speeds and may vary from time to time.

I am a Broadband Entrée user. How can I check my monthly usage?

You can check your usage volume through the usage meter on web site.

  • Step 1:Select “Usage Meter”.
  • Step2: Click “Subscription Customers”.
  • Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter your username without the domain name (i.e. without “@stlbb”).
  • Select the service “ADSL”.

You can view the usage for the present month and the two previous months.

Important Notes on Usage:

  • It is important to keep your password secure without disclosing it to any third party, to avoid misuse of your user account.
  • If you are using a router with volume based packages and if the router is configured to dial the user account automatically, keep your router switched off when not in use. Failing to do so will result in the router automatically connecting to the internet, which will cause some traffic on the link, which would be counted towards your monthly usage.

My Broadband service is not working. But I can take voice calls. How can I report the fault?

You can report the fault by contacting SLT Call Centre on 1212. Please remember to note down the reference number issued to you.

My Broadband service is not working. Also, I cannot make voice calls on the line. What is the number I should contact?

In this case, the Broadband service might not be working because of a fault in the telephone line. You can report the line fault on 1212

What is the number I should call to log a complaint regarding my bill?

You can log your complaint on 1212.

All charges stated above are exclusive of Government Taxes and will be applicable at the time of purchase.

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