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Over the last few years, SLT has been forging ahead in its transformation from a communications service provider to a digital service provider. At the heart of this journey is a mission to empower the country’s citizens, providing them with access, and inclusion in a bold new digital future that offers new opportunities and possibilities. As Sri Lanka’s leading broadband and backbone infrastructure provider, with a fibre optic system spanning nearly 60,000 km across the island, our digital highway is providing essential connectivity to all.

This year, connection – in all senses of the word – was more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of life across the globe, causing nations to rethink and recalibrate business processes to embrace a new normal and an emerging “new economy”. SLT played a vital role in keeping Sri Lanka’s ICT pathways fully operational and supported throughout, covering virtually every facet of life and public and private sector enterprise.

Looking beyond our shores, SLT launched Xyntac, its global business unit last year, leveraging its world class infrastructure and product portfolio towards sale of voice and data services in the global market.

These and other milestones will dot the landscape as we continue mapping the digital highway.



Group Chairman’s Message

The year under reference was one of the most challenging and at the same time most exciting. I had the greatest satisfaction in leading the SLT Group amidst tough conditions to return excellent results in every aspect for the year 2020.

Group Chief Executive Officer’s Message

SLT Group plays a vital role in enabling the Government’s vision of a “Digitally Inclusive and Prosperous Sri Lanka”, which is citizen-centric, promoting IT entrepreneurship and establishing Sri Lanka as a global innovation hub.

Chief Executive Officer’s Review

The demands and challenges of 2020 were successfully met because SLT was strategy-driven. It also gave us time to reflect on the innovations needed to steer SLT forward.

Chief Operating Officer’s Review

In a year where life changed in unprecedented ways, with many people turning to digital solutions for work, schooling, shopping, and entertainment for most of 2020, SLT rose to the challenge by focusing on operational excellence along with cost reduction.