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Special Telephone for elderly persons

Product ID : Xtra1110
Product Description :

Price: Rs.5,930

Xtra 1110
Other Features: 

Pin the 6 photo buttons with your relatives' pictures to instantly call them in the easiest way. In addition, the phone is fitted with 2 direct memory keys. Concerning the sound side, the handset volume is 4-level adjustable and an audio-boost key offers extra loud earpiece volume of +30dB. To avoid missing any call, the ringer can be set to +85dB (+ off position) and the phone has a large backlighted incoming call indicator. For the pleasure of sharing conversations, Xtra 1110 features a high-quality handsfree function (8 levels) with a backlit key. Xtra 1110 is Hearing Aid Compatible - The product is available in white.

  • 6 Photo Buttons
  • 2 direct memories
  • Large key keypad
  • Large backlighted incoming call indicator
Easy-to-use Telephone
Product Description :

Price: Rs.5,930

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