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SLT Data Center Services

Sri Lanka’s leading total communications provider & pioneer in Data Center Services, Sri Lanka Telecom is proud to introduce its state-of-the-art tier 3 Uptime Certified  Data Center (DC) at Pitipana, Homagama in the proposed Technology cluster of the Megapolis development plan.

This is a purposely build Tier 3 facility built with Uptime design certificate. SLT DC facilities which are currently in operation are certified for ISO 27001: 2013 standard and same is will be extended to Pitipana DC. Further Pitipana DC of SLT will be certified as green Building by Green Building Council of Sri Lanka. Additionally, SLT is maintaining 2 other data centre facilities in Colombo and Welikada which caters implementation of fully redundant data centre solutions.


Strategic Values of SLT DC


Pitipana DC is located in Pitipana which is 24km away from Colombo fort in the areal distance and compliant with local regularity requirements of financial institutes. The DC is a purposely built DC, with no other operating on an existing building and caters the regulatory requirements.

Data Security

Pitipana DC will be certified with ISO 27001: 2013 or later version once commissioned. This includes a firewall, Intrusion Detection systems, Security Scanning and all the available state-of-the-art services. We provide you with a variety of products and services that will make you confident in hosting critical services. The infrastructure will cater to the requirements of meeting PCI DSS compliance for customers.

Premises Security

Premises are secured with the armed security guards 24 hours. Surveillance systems are in place to monitor the entire DC on 24x7 by security and DC personnel. Further biometric access control systems are in place for providing access to the DC facility so that only authorized personnel will be accessing the DC depending on their permission levels. The Datacenter will have a turnstile inter locked access control doors to avoid piggyback access and allow only one person to enter the premises.

Building Structure Design

The data centre is housed in a structure most suited for its purpose with more than adequate floor area and separated area for the data centre with future scalability. The area is completely weatherproof and protected by Electrostatic Proof Laminated coverage with dust prevention features. The interior and exterior walls are a minimum of 1-hour fire-resistive. The DC will have a staging area where installations and testing of servers are performed and checked by SLT before it is moved to the permanent space of the rack within DC. Further, the DC will have the following facilities to serve the customers;

Facility Environment Control System

SLT Pitipana DC is equipped with a chiller based cooling system with N+1 Redundancy while NOVEC 1230 Gaseous Fire detection and suppression system (remove the fire without permanently damaging electrical & electronic equipment). The DC is having Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System with enough power to maintain the designed capacity of the DC while Diesel generators with immediate turn –on capacity are available with fuel storage for continuous operation for 48 hours. All environmental monitored by dedicated NOC team on 24 x 7 x 365. The Datacenter is equipped with a class 1 lightning protection system and DC building is protected with a Faraday’s Cage.

Building Management System

The Data Center BMS (Tac Vista) monitors the status of the power distribution system, the UPS system, air conditioning, server room temperature setting, fire detection, access doors etc. This is a top of the line system for truly integrated building management system.


SLT uses  APC 19” Reinforced steel racks with Key lock for front & Back doors (EIA Standard compatibility, 2000 mm H x 600mm W x 1000mm D), Dual power feeder capability. The racks will be fitted to a containment system to achieve cooling efficiency of the DC. SLT will do power metering for actual power usage of servers on SLT racks which will be billed on usage. A standard rack will have 32A power feeds from 2 UPS systems which additional power feeds can be connected.

SLT DC will facilitate dedicated and customized caged environments for customers who are having multiple racks as a value-added service.

Customer-owned/custom racks shall be allowed to DC after checking the feasibility of locating them within the DC without interfering with airflow and cable trays and containment systems.

SLT will provide a staging area within DC, for installation of servers on racks and once all installations are tested and checked with SLT DC, racks will be moved to the allocated slot in DC.

Data Center Network

SLT Pitipana DC has fully redundant network setup designed to provide uninterrupted service to customers who use the SLT data centre network for external access. The Datacenter Network is connected with SLT NBN backbone network with full redundant manner avoiding a single point of failure.

The DC is connected to SLT ISP, CEA and Global networks ( SEAMEWE 4 ( Colombo1), SEAMEWE 3( Mt. Lavinia), SEAMEWE 5 (Matara), BLCS ( Mt. Lavinia) and DSCS(Colombo 1)) with the National Backbone Network which will provide lowest latency connectivity to anywhere from the DC.

Dual meet me room

SLT provides two redundant meet me room facilities to bring connectivity providers to ensure business continuity. SLT provide SDN network to connect their racks to meet higher-bandwidth connectivity.

Customers who need access from other service provider networks will be facilitated via a service provider meet me room at DC. For redundancy there are 2 meet me rooms in DC and SLT shall extend the connectivity from the meet me room to Co-located space within DC on single-mode fiber or Copper access medium.

Other Facilities for Customer

Following other facilities/services are available at Pitipana DC;

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