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SLT telephone connections are available as Smartline,Megaline and Citylink. Megaline and Smartline are the most reliable and superior quality wireline telephone connections which enables you to enjoy uninterrupted Voice, Broadband and PeoTV. Citylink provides Voice and Dial-up Internet through the Citylink telephone. All three connections offer a range of value added services..


Mega Line

Megaline, the always connected Wireline Telephone satisfies all your communication needs from crystal clear Voice to Broadband Internet to Interactive Television ( PeoTV) through a single telephone line. With your Megaline telephone, a range of pre-activated next generation value added services are at your fingertips and are easy to use.


SLT 4G/LTE connections (Fixed 4G/LTE Technology) are available in two different packages, depending on your requirement and range from Voice only package to Voice + Broadband.

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