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Sri Lanka Telecom employs a workforce exceeding 6000 employees, that is rich in diversity, in our offices located island-wide. We consider employees to be our most important asset since without them, we would not have been able to come to where we are today, as the premier telecommunications service provider in the country. Therefore, we seek to deliver an unmatched employee experience through a wide range of initiatives to ensure our employees are appreciated for their contribution towards the organization. This includes employee empowerment through focused training and development programmes aimed at gearing employees to be the best they can be and to effectively face future challenges with confidence, an open door policy for communications and career development opportunities. We also make sure that our employees are well taken care of in terms of the diverse range of benefits and privileges that we provide, with their welfare in mind. Through these initiatives, we strive to keep a well motivated and satisfied workforce with whom the organization can work together as members of one family to achieve our goals.  We also stress on the provision of a work environment that is rich with diversity and devoid of any discrimination of any sort where equality is key.

We continued our Company transformation that began in 2009 with the launch of our brand identity & One Country, One Voice in 2011. This builds on the strong platform of HR practices already in operation to ensure that our talent pool is actively engaged in pursuance of corporate objectives. Performance related pay for executives, annual performance reviews, codes of conduct, international best practices and collective bargaining through trade unions are all interwoven in to the rich tapestry of corporate culture at SLT.

Promoting Best Practices – SLT Employee Policy

Nurturing an empowered workforce in order to deliver long term sustainable social change has always been at the crux of SLT’s workforce management strategy. Formulated in compliance with the Shop and Office Employee Act, the Wages Boards Ordinance and all applicable labor laws in Sri Lanka. SLT’s procedures and practices are guided by the workforce management handbook. While emphasizing the importance of practicing best policies and procedures in fairness to all employees, at all times, the company also makes every effort to promote equal opportunity and diversity.

Grievance handling procedure and employee relations.

While offering solutions to both job related and personal matters, SLT’s grievance handling and counseling process too has contributed positively towards building a greater sense of belonging among staff, while encouraging a more communicative work culture.

Other initiatives that promote employee relations:

  • Regular meetings with trade unions, with at least two formal discussions with trade union representatives per month.

  • Supporting trade union leaders and active members to participate in externally conducted awareness programmes which highlight the mutual benefits of maintaining cordial relations with the management.

  • Maintaining a close relationship with the Department of Labour, Employers Federation of Ceylon, etc.

  • Sponsorship of trade union events including scholarship programmes (“Nena Abhimani”, “Pahasara Arunalu”), education programmes and recreational programmes.

  • Organizing various religious events in collaboration with trade unions - e.g. Vesak Kalapaya

Employee Health and Safety

The health and safety of employees remains of paramount importance to SLT, particularly given the complex lifestyles of the modern world. Accordingly, every endeavour has been made to ensure a safe and secure work environment not only for SLT employees, but also to ensure the personal safety of outsourced contractors working at the company’s premises. Parallel to the efforts made in ensuring workplace safety, SLT has also launched a campaign to promote personal health among employees. While creating a vibrant work-life balance, encouraging employees to make healthy lifestyle choices will also embed sustainable social practices across society as a whole.