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The pioneer directory publisher in Sri Lanka, SLT Rainbow Pages which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC has introduced many cutting-edge technology-based directory products, enabling customers to continuously link with product and service suppliers across the island, around the clock.

Recently, SLT RAINBOW PAGES introduced yet another product using cutting-edge technology. One of the first questions that anyone who is planning their long weekend holiday in Sri Lanka would ask is, where to go, followed by where to stay. Even though asking a friend may be the easiest solution, it will not provide a person with a comprehensive list of all the options available.  SLT RAINBOW PAGES has the solution, through its latest product, the hotel e-directory, which is the only e-directory for hotels in the island.  All a person has to do is to log on to and start searching from over 1000 hotels island-wide. It’s as simple as that!

There are three easy methods of searching for hotels in the hotel e-directory.  One can search through the map by clicking on the required location on the map. This method will help to decide where to travel and locations that can be visited on the way and in the surrounding area. The next method is through the index which is categorized by the hotel areas and finally by simply typing the hotel name or location in the search space at the bottom of the e-directory. All three methods provide easy access to the hotel’s contact information, e-mail addresses, websites, giving customers the option of selecting the hotel which would meet their specific requirements.

This new addition to the SLT RAINBOW PAGES family will be of great value for both local and overseas visitors in planning their next holiday in Sri Lanka. The benefits do not just end here, but in the future, the company hopes to add many more value added services such as on-line hotel booking facility, mapping to the location and suggestion of additional activities that can be done at the location. Any interested organizations in the hotel industry can advertise in the hotel e-directory by simply calling SLT RAINBOW PAGES hotline on 0112 399 399. Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity.  

To plan your next holiday with your family, simply log on to and experience the difference.