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SLT enables top end enterprises of BT Top 25

- Company among Top 10.

- SLT entrusted to enable all top enterprises through state–of–the-art ICT solutions.

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) the nation’s integrated communication service provider is proud to announce that the company has empowered Sri Lanka's top business enterprises to achieve better results by providing seamless connectivity and sophisticated ICT solutions to smoothly carry out their local and global business operations. The company's integrated ICT business solutions have created a comfort zone for enterprises, enabling and empowering them to serve their valuable customers, business partners, suppliers and all other stakeholders in a more efficient and effective manner. With the benefits provided by advanced communication systems, Enterprises are now in a better position to strengthen trust amongst all its stakeholders who are in their business value chain and more importantly, reliable ICT solutions to enable them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors supporting them towards sustaining leadership.
SLT has designed their corporate networks with great responsibility to assure the highest reliability of the networks which run entire business operations. The company’s total integrated solutions offered to these enterprises include Voice, Networking, Data Hosting and Managed Services within the country and connecting international business destinations.
“We are very grateful to the organizers of the Business Today Top 25 Awards. We congratulate all the enterprises for their achievement and also we are happy that Sri Lanka Telecom is ranked among the top 10 organizations once again. All the listed companies representing all the sectors have contributed significantly to elevate us to our current position in this leadership board. It is a great pride to note that the total revenue of all the top rated organizations made a tremendous positive impact on the national GDP and this impact was enabled through state-of-the-art ICT solutions that we provide. Thus the SLT group alone owned Rs. 55 Bn of the total,” said Mr. Nimal Welgama, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom Group. Adding further he said, “Similar to the SLT Group, all the other listed companies have also contributed in a big way towards the country's economy. Further, SLT believes that apart from these listed companies that have been rated by BT, there are other listed companies as well as non-listed companies in the country that contribute to the country’s economy through their business operations in Sri Lanka and directly make a positive impact
SLT Group alone has contributed Rs. 1.2 Bn in the form of direct taxes to the government when achieving their group revenue of Rs. 55 Bn. However, SLT is also very confident and strongly believes that the company contributes significantly to the national economy not only in the direct ways, but also indirectly through listed companies, non-listed companies as well as the other wholesale & retail business entities the company empowers with state – of – the - art ICT solutions.
At present, the company is involved in making heavy investments towards future-proof infrastructure development and also improving its services and enhancing product offerings. SLT has already planned a major investment of Rs. 25 Bn in 2013/2014 as per the strategic plans for the year 2013. This major investment will be directed towards core technology related projects of NGN (Next Generation Network), NBN (National Backbone Network), i-Sri Lanka program, both fixed & mobile 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and international connectivity (capacity upgrade of existing cable systems and new SMW5 submarine cable system) to significantly improve their capabilities to a level unmatched.
Commenting on the significance of this business ranking Mr. Lalith De Silva, Group Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom said, “We are in line with our strategic plan which focuses on serving the entire communication requirements of our enterprise business segments and future generations. SLT being recognized as being among the top ten enterprises once again is proof of our exceptional performance across multiple areas of our transformation. We were ranked in this top position as a result of our tireless work and unfailing dedication towards reinventing product offerings, embracing innovation, nurturing customer care, and pioneering developments in ICT. SLT remains focused on service and product excellence and committed to the Nation’s vision of ‘SMART Sri Lanka’ by following the right policies & strategies and thereby empowering the digital economy. We take our pledge of being ‘One Country, One Voice’ to heart and every endeavor is taken to unite the people of the nation as one. The recognition that SLT receives in the local and international arena is a testimony of our enduring dedication to deliver our brand promise. We are trusted by many corporates because we deliver a comprehensive array of services helping them to blaze ahead with stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation.”
Further, he added, “On behalf of SLT Management, I wish to mention a special thanks to all our customers and partners for the trust and confidence reposed in us and for being with us over the years. I’m also thankful for the hard work my staff has put in and appreciate their efforts, which have been instrumental in helping us to be among the top 10 businesses.”
Thus business organizations' growth plans are well secured with the most reliable communication solutions from SLT. Ultimately the SLT Group as one team assures the public that the company is 100% committed and dedicated to realize the country's dream for "Sri Lanka to become the Wonder of Asia" while setting the platform to achieve US $ 100 Bn GDP and US $ 4000 per capita income.