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SLT-MOBITEL ‘A/L Kuppiya’ offers holistic digital learning experience for Advanced Level students.

SLT-MOBITEL the National ICT Solutions Provider demonstrating its commitment to enhance knowledge and education facilities for future generations has scaled up digital learning for students with an enhanced A/L Kuppiya service.

SLT-MOBITEL understands that education is the foundation of success, especially for students preparing for their milestone G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) examinations. A/L Kuppiya, as SLT-MOBITEL’s pioneering digital learning platform, now offers new capabilities and features adapting to the unique needs of students who require additional support to reach their goals.

Mr. Prabhath Dahanayaka, Chief Marketing Officer, SLT said, “With the acceleration of the use of digital products and the growing use of data to improve student outcomes, A/L Kuppiya’s new intuitive and purposeful features will further deliver on the promise of empowering students to receive additional help outside the conventional classrooms and support teachers in their profession.”

Empowering learners with improved accessibility and innovative features, A/L Kuppiya now offers ‘Kuppiya VOD’ or a Video-On Demand service, ‘Kuppiya Live’, a live teaching platform and ‘Kuppiya Store’, an e-commerce platform for students to purchase A/L books and stationery. Other new value additions include ‘Tuition Handiya’, ‘After A/L’s’ and ‘A/L Squad eka’.

With the goal of creating an optimal digital learning experience for students, the app is now available for download through four application platforms such as the Desktop app and three mobile apps in Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the Huawei AppGallery. The links to download can be accessed by visiting the web site or simply searching ’A/L Kuppiya’ in the respective mobile application stores.

The app offers a comprehensive learning experience for A/L students’ from all subject streams. A/L Kuppiya’s ‘Kuppiya VOD’ ensures students have access to high quality video lessons for advanced level subjects and are able to improve their self-learning abilities. 21 core subjects are offered with more than 1500 video lessons presented by 60+ teachers.

There are two methods to purchase lessons within ’Kuppiya VOD’: as single videos with an unlimited number of viewing time for 3-days or obtain access to all lessons of a particular teacher for a recurring monthly charge and view any number of lessons of the selected teacher for a period of one-month.

This subscription can be renewed monthly and also discontinued at any time, similar to a typical class where students pay a monthly fee to receive subject knowledge from a selected teacher.

Student can also purchase any number of videos or view lessons from teachers as per their requirement. Additionally, the corresponding reading materials and necessary tutorials are provided for the lessons, enabling students to refer materials with ease.

The ‘Kuppiya Live’ service facilitates live online teaching requirement of teachers. This assists teachers to arrange special classes to cover new subject matter and communicate with the respective students quickly. In addition, this creates a classroom type learning experience for students.

Teachers and students can interact with each other and clarify any subject matter through ’Kuppiya Live’ presenting a more holistic educational offering via the ’A/L Kuppiya‘ platform. Class schedules are available on the platform and any student who is unable to attend sessions can view a recording at a later date.

Several online and offline payment methods have been introduced to create a seamless ’A/L Kuppiya‘ app improving the purchasing experience for customers. Seasonal and special offers will also be available via the app shortly.

Ensuring students have access to learning material, the new ‘Kuppiya Store’ helps students purchase valuable and rare books and materials online. The items will also be delivered to their homes.  

SLT-MOBITEL through A/L Kuppiya is also ensuring students receive additional academic assistance and help by connecting teachers with students. The ‘Tuition Handiya’ element enables students to search and select teachers and for teachers to advertise their tutoring services through free classifieds.

The A/L Kuppiya platform has new innovative add-ons such as ‘After A/L’s’ which offers detailed explanations and information relating to available degree programmes and courses provided by reputed institutes. Additionally, ‘A/L Squad eka’ is a free students’ community space for students to share their thoughts with their peers. Features such as ability for students to upload community posts, comment and conduct polls are also available.

Further information on the new A/L Kuppiya services can be obtained by visiting