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SLT-MOBITEL Annual Report 2020 wins at prestigious ARC International Awards 2021.

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider has been conferred Gold and Silver awards in recognition of excellence for its 2020 Annual Report at the ARC International Awards 2021 held recently.

SLT-MOBITEL’s Annual Report 2020 ‘Mapping the Digital Highway’ won Gold in the ‘Interactive Annual Report’ and Silver in the ‘Financial Data’ categories under the Telecommunications sector. Additionally, the report secured an honourable mention under the ‘Specialized Annual Reports’ category for Integrated AR & CSR - Non-Traditional Format.

SLT-MOBITEL’s winning entry was an Integrated Annual Report providing information in a comprehensive and clear manner showcasing the company’s strategy, value creation and related performance and impact for the financial year that commenced on 1 January 2020 and ended on 31 December 2020.

The report also provided an overview of the Sri Lanka Telecom’s entire operations including its subsidiaries. Key financial aspects are discussed in the context of the Company and the Group, which is consistent with the framework adopted in the previous year.

To present the company’s sustainable management performance in an easy-to-understand manner the Report drew concepts, principles, and guidance from renowned global frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for sustainable reporting, International IR Framework (IIRC) and Smart Integrated Reporting Methodology

Previously winning in 2019, the multiple awards for its Annual Report at consecutive ARC Awards underscores SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to meet international standards in corporate governance, showcasing a high degree of transparency and disclosure of information to stakeholders.

SLT Group Chief Finance Officer, Sanjeewa Samaranayake said, “We are pleased that our Annual Report 2020 has been recognised and honoured by a top global awarding authority. Through the report we strove to showcase our clear strategic path, transparent in disclosing financial data, and fulfilled social responsibility and other comprehensive information of the company while adhering to governance philosophy and unremitting efforts in investor relations and information disclosure. Moreover, we also sought to maintain consistency in the design of both cover and content in keeping with our selected theme.”

 ARC Awards is the world's largest international competition providing a platform for the highest standards in the annual report industry. Established in 1987 by US-based MerComm Inc., the ARC Awards honours outstanding achievements in creativity and communications in annual reports from over 35 countries.

The Awards serves to promote awareness of the annual report as an important corporate communications tool and to highlight excellence in annual report design and writing. The focus of the evaluation is on the presentation of the company and its financial data, how corporate attitude and culture are portrayed, the clarity of the design and the comprehensibility of the text. The entries were assessed by a panel of distinguished judges representing different sectors, industries and from global corporations.