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SLT-MOBITEL Embarks on Nationwide Tree Planting Campaign for a Healthier Environment and a Sustainable Future.

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT and Telecommunication Services Provider, has embarked on a nationwide tree planting campaign themed ‘රට පුරා හුස්මයි පොහොරයි වගා කරමු’ to enhance air quality and slow the impact of climate change, demonstrating its strong commitment towards building a sustainable future. The programme was inaugurated at the Meeyagala Sri Meththarama Temple in Monaragala recently, in the presence of SLT Group Chairman, Rohan Fernando, SLT Group CEO, Lalith Seneviratne, members of the senior management of SLT-MOBITEL  and some government officials of the region.

SLT-MOBITEL’s environmental stewardship initiative selected Sri Lanka’s Mee tree (Madhuca Longifolia) for the tree planting campaign due to its significant benefits as a natural pest control booster, contribution to producing organic fertilizer, aiding air purification and also as a source for herbal medicines. As the first phase of the programme, Mee saplings were planted at the Meeyagala Primary School while 500 plants were distributed among Meeyagala villagers.

Elaborating on the campaign, SLT Group Chairman Rohan Fernando stated, “As a responsible corporate entity, we stand strong in effectively contributing to enhance the air quality we breathe, battle against climate change and improve our general health and wellbeing. This year we have launched our nationwide programme towards a greener earth and strengthening our commitment to conserving the environment and firmly believe each one of us can make a difference.”

The tree planting initiative, as part of SLT-MOBITEL’s environment, social & governance programme, aims to promote forestation, natural carbon sinks and thereby reducing greenhouse gases, support air purification, safeguard biodiversity across multiple areas in the country, generate organic fertilizer, and create awareness among the general public on the importance of conserving Mee trees. Additionally, SLT-MOBITEL will closely monitor the trees planted using the ‘Thuru’ App, a digital solution which helps to observe the growth of each tree, in order to track the effectiveness of the tree planting campaign.

Continuing its commitment to social impact, SLT-MOBITEL donated books to the Meeyagala Primary school library. The initiative is part of its ‘Hithak Athnam Pothak Denna’ programme, with an aim to support education in rural schools.

Focused on addressing pressing environmental challenges, SLT-MOBITEL had previously begun the ‘SLT – Mobitel Green Premier League’ (GPL), a sustainable environmental conservation project, during the Sri Lanka Premier League 2020. The project was designed to plant the equivalent number of the winning score of each team in every match of the LPL and contribute immensely towards forest restoration.