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SLT-MOBITEL Extends sltgo Wi-Fi Proposition to Prepaid Customers.

With the objective of continually upgrading mobility services for all Sri Lankans, SLT-MOBITEL, the national ICT and mobile services provider has extended the sltgo Wi-Fi offering for all prepaid customers, providing them the opportunity to access unlimited data through their smartphones, laptop or other mobile devices. This service was introduced with the launch of sltgo Prepaid Solutions, held recently.

The availability of this network coincided with the launch of sltgo, which was held in October 2020, in collaboration with Fon Wireless Limited, a global wireless network, who pioneered the concept of residential Wi-Fi sharing.

The partnership established with Fon Wireless Limited, has ensured the executing of over 1,000,000 (One million) hotspot locations around the country. The introduction of this kind of phenomenal Wi-Fi community solution takes place for the first time in South Asia.

The implementation of this service by SLT-MOBITEL brings an important solution closer to the prepaid community and more significantly for all Sri Lankans and any foreigner visiting the country. With the extension of the service customers can purchase prepaid passes with unlimited internet access of 2 Mbps speed. The prepaid passes are categorized offering an activation validity period of 1 hour, 1 day or a 7 day option.

SLTMobitel Home Broadband customers who currently use the service, will also have access to data within the volume of their existing home broadband packages. A benefit of using this service is that any user, while on the move, can automatically get connected to the nearest available Wi-Fi hotspot, via the sltgo app or login via the sltgo portal. By entering the existing home broadband username and password or by purchasing a prepaid card, community Wi-Fi members can access the internet. With Sri Lanka’s largest wi-fi hotspots, SLT-MOBITEL’s customers can enter the same username and password even while at home.

Even customers who have not subscribed to the SLTMobitel Home Broadband network, can still purchase a prepaid pass and browse the internet by entering the number indicated on the pass. Foreign travellers who arrive in Sri Lanka can also access the internet through the sltgo prepaid pass. With over 23 million Wi-Fi hotspots scattered across the world, all Sri Lankans users can enjoy the ability to utilize this service no matter which part of the globe they travel.

Commenting at the sltgo Pre-paid launch, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT, Mr. Prabhath Dahanayake stated that other network customers can also acquire prepaid Wi-Fi passes and enjoy high-speed unlimited SLTMobitel Home Broadband  Commenting on the extension of the service to prepaid customers. He noted, “We are delighted to  extend this service to prepaid customers and SLTMobitel Home Broadband customers , as we recognize the need, especially in  today’s fast paced world, to be able to achieve digital connectivity for everyone who has a mobile device. Making this offer available for foreign travellers to our country is also an added advantage and an ideal way to showcase our country as being digitally progressive and tech savvy.”

SLT-MOBITEL is continuously looking towards ground-breaking ways of offering novel services. Thus, this phenomenal task by SLT-MOBITEL demonstrates the mammoth step to ensure every Sri Lankan has the ability to receive access to unlimited internet while on the go.

This community Wi-Fi service is a seamless solution, which embodies a competitive edge for the company and allows internet users to enjoy mutual benefit of sharing bandwidth with others. Unused bandwidth capacity on the other hand, would accumulate to be used for virtual public Wi-Fi networks.

SLT-MOBITEL invites all customers to download the sltgo app and experience the internet among Wi-Fi community members for mutual benefit.