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SLT-MOBITEL Implements akazaLMS Training platform for Unilever Sri Lanka sales force.

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT solutions and Mobile Services Provider is supporting Unilever Sri Lanka, one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in the country to empower and motivate staff by providing a flexible and comprehensive online training platform through SLT-MOBITEL’s cloud e-learning solution, akaza Learning Management Solution (LMS).

The launch was successfully held via a virtual platform recently with the participation of Unilever and SLT-MOBITEL personnel.

The akazaLMS solution was selected by Unilever Sri Lanka to launch its Customer Development Academy Platform to train its sales force. akazaLMS is a one-stop e-Learning solution catering to all training needs and recognised as Sri Lanka’s No 1 training platform. It is also the only fully automated ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) offering hosted locally on multiple cloud platforms and offered inclusive of the platform, infrastructure, and support.

The solution was developed in partnership with I-Context, an innovative digital education technology specialist. Notably, Unilever Sri Lanka is one of akazaLMS’s first customers to be deployed on the Azure Stack Cloud.

Implementing akazaLMS via the Azure stack cloud provides robust infrastructure and greater flexibility. Azure Stack also provides necessary governance and compliances Enterprises are looking for with data residing inside the country. In addition, Akaza MultiCloud powered by Azure stack offers better latency and faster access to users spread across the country.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Janaka Abeysinghe, Chief Enterprise & Wholesale Officer of SLT said, “We are pleased that Unilever Sri Lanka has selected akazaLMS to drive its eLearning initiatives. Enterprises in Sri Lanka are now conscious of the value delivered by cloud services.  We are witnessing a significant surge in the cloud adoption across various industry sectors and SLT-MOBITEL is excited to support Unilever’s journey in utilizing the akazaLMS platform to deliver an integrated learning experience to their modern workforce, across all stages.”

Elaborating on the partnership, Aruna Mawilmada, Customer Development Director of Unilever Sri Lanka stated, “As a leading FMCG company with an active sales force, it is vital for us to equip our people with updated skills and knowledge, and elevate their capabilities to drive our business. With the prevailing pandemic and safety guidelines in place, the best way to drive our training and development goals and lead our purpose building platforms is by developing virtual training portals. As such, we consider it a great opportunity to partner with SLT- MOBITEL, to achieve these ambitions seamlessly.”

With akazaLMS, the Unilever Training and Development team will be able to optimize their training delivery. Trainings in compliance to standards and certifications can be offered to staff across multiple locations via distance learning, reducing logistical costs incurred as a result of programmes conducted at physical locations. Staff can also be provided with immediate access to resources, and the flexibility to learn at their own pace, which not only supports them in achieving their business goals but also serves to empower and motivate them.

AkazaLMS offers a series of dynamic features and benefits to support corporates to establish an eLearning environment within their organisation. With its SaaS offering and self-care portal, akazaLMS can be rapidly deployed online with no capital investment and is cost efficient with pricing based only on consumption. Interested corporates can easily set up a trial account immediately and test the product in-house at no extra charges. AkazaLMS also offers multi-device support and enables corporates to conduct online examinations and award online certifications. Information on offerings and details to sign-up may be obtained by visiting