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SLT powers LK Domain Registry with IPv6 Technology

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider proudly announced the successful deployment of world’s latest Internet Protocol (IP) version - IPv6 at the LKDomain Registry in Sri Lanka. IPv6 is a key milestone in information communication technology (ICT) service enhancement of both Sri Lanka Telecom and the LK Domain Registry. All countries, including Sri Lanka will opt for this new the addresses available under the old version are running out. Internet users of this new protocol can now access online content and use other Internet based services faster than ever before as domain name lookups can be done directly on the IPv6 platform. This will also facilitate SLT and other internet service providers (ISPs) to roll out services on IPv6 to support new customers and improve the quality of service to their customers.

The LK Domain Registry has recognized the importance of making domain names available to all, both locally and internationally, who use the next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6. Therefore, it has worked with Sri Lanka Telecom, the country’s leading ISP, to enable IPv6 connectivity to the LK Domain Registry network from the 1st of December 2014.

The number of people and devices on the Internet is increasing rapidly, and the IP addresses are used to identify each computer, tablet, phone or other device on the Internet. In order to connect more and more people to the Internet, a new version of IP, called IP version 6 or IPv6, has been introduced, and is now available in Sri Lanka.

Transitioning to IPv6 enables the Internet to continue to grow and enables new, innovative services to be developed because more devices can connect to the Internet. Internet users on IPv6 platform will have access to more, better and faster Internet services, including the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) as they will no longer be limited by work-arounds such as network address translation (NAT).

Mr. Lalith De Silva, Group Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom commenting on this development said “As the leading ICT solutions provider in Sri Lanka SLT is always committed to take the country to greater heights and broader dimensions in the ICT arena by bringing home the latest futuristic and cutting-edge technologies. SLT is proud to be the enabler and the preferred ICT solutions provider for the innovative smart community in Sri Lanka. With the industry moving towards virtualisation of ICT environment, “Cloud“platforms, “Cloud” applications, Smart Community and Internet of Things (IoT) will play a huge role in the modern ICT. Undoubtedly with IPv6 technology, SLT Cloud, “AKAZA” will be able to provide enhanced offerings that give organizations much faster universal access, easy to use self-managed web-based portal services and Smart offerings with maximum flexibility for business organizations and the general community.”

Professor Gihan Dias, Chief Executive Officer of LK Domain Registry said, “As the national domain registry, we are always in the lead to deploy the latest Internet technologies in Sri Lanka and also facilitate Sri Lankans to experience the new services in ICT. Successful deployment of IPv6 in our service network with the leading ICT service provider, SLT, we can enhance our services to new market. We also planning to utilize this new technology to introduce additional services to the Sri Lanka’s connected society with more IP addresses and more features. As the first step, we are planning to set up a virtual IPv6 test-bed for students/individuals who are keen on experiencing the IPv6 environment. Further, it will facilitate the users to learn/practice IPv6 configurations remotely”.

IPv6 also provides many advantages over IPv4, with the most prominent features being stateless auto configuration, multicasting, fast routing, network layer inbuilt security, flexibility for new developments, IP mobility and Quality of Service (QoS). What IPv6 provides is the foundation and flexibility necessary to develop and deliver the applications and services that are required not only to meet future functionality, but also to make available the critical capabilities that are missing in today’s portfolio of services and thereby fill the existing void.

The LK Domain Registry (.LK) is the national body which registers domain names ending in .LK. It is an independent non-profit organization which works to create a unique Sri Lankan identity on the web. In addition to English, domain names can also be registered in the Sinhala and Tamil language in top-level domains. It has a clientele in all countries, with a majority in Sri Lanka. The LK Domain Registry was established in 1990. Since then, it has served the country not only by providing a professional domain registration service, but also by facilitating development of Internet infrastructure with the objective of improving the Internet in Sri Lanka.