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SLT raises innovation and entrepreneur spirit through ICT for SME empowerment in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider emphasizes on its enhanced tailor-made communications suite especially designed for Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Businesses by realizing the huge potential to capture the economic growth of Sri Lanka. The company believes that ICT options for SMEs will facilitate businesses to run and accelerate their own business operations locally, regionally and globally. The company’s flagship ICT program will further conduct its SME Customer Forums under the theme “Beyond Borders” to raise product awareness amongst the dynamic SME customer segment.

SLT's Intelligent Solutions are aimed at equipping local businesses with the full range of ICT solutions to help succeed in the global arena. Speed, connectivity and security are key demands businesses make and SLT’s wide portfolio of services are perfectly poised to meet and exceed these expectations. The company’s comprehensive array of services helps organisations to blaze ahead with stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation.

Mr. Lalith De Silva, Group Chief Executive Officer of SLT said, “SMEs are a major contributor to the nation’s economy and thereby need to be supported well for them to realize their business potential. To overcome major challenges in many areas of SME development, by creating access to state-of-the-art modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) options is very much a necessity. Taking in to consideration the latest ICT trends in digital & social media , it is important to have a renewed look at the SME sector, with ICT as a driving force for 'growth and development'.”

SLT’s SME solutions that include Voice, Networking, Data Hosting and Managed Services are especially designed taking into consideration the unique requirements of the small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation are the unparalleled unique features that characterize the product portfolio.

Further expressing his view, Mr. De Silva said, “The unmatched capabilities of SLT’s Next Generation Network would help articulate a multi-layered ICT platform that would convey Voice, Networking, Data Hosting, Managed Services and Cloud Computing options. By providing integrated solutions for large scale corporates while simultaneously supporting the growing SME segment and the public sector through extensive broadband connectivity and ICT solution enhancements, SLT aims to convey meaningful value and nation-wide economic progress.”

SME voice solutions consist of hosted PBX systems, both Megaline and Citylink telephony services and business calling plans which enable communications between businesses’ official phone lines at lower rates. The SME networking solution provides point to point or point to multi point inter-branch connectivity solutions to company’s SME customers to increase efficiency within the number of business locations. SME Data hosting offers businesses AKAZA Cloud Service for virtual and shared hosting facility enabling SME customers to adopt a cloud strategy in their ICT projects to benefit from the scalability and cost efficiencies of delivering IT services to business requirements. SLT Managed Services offered to SMEs comprise of data, voice and video integrated solutions enabling SMEs to outsource their entire communications infrastructure to SLT and focus on their core business while SLT manages their infrastructure and all the given services while maintaining the required service levels.

The specially designed SLT’s ‘RemoteViewer’ solution helps organizations to keep an eye on what matters to them the most. ‘RemoteViewer’ is the ideal surveillance partner for any home, apartment complex, business place, office as well as ATMs, child care, factory sites and educational institutes.

Periodically every month, SLT successfully carries out a series of customer forums under the theme of “Beyond Borders” for the company’s valued SME customer segment around the country. These forums were held covering provinces; Eastern, Metro North, Southern, Uva, Western and North Central during the first six months of this year. These forums comprised of product presentations for SMEs, live product demonstrations including voice, networking, DATA hosting, managed services as well as mobile products from Mobitel.