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SLT-MOBITEL akazaLMS training platform empowers Central Finance Digital Learning Hub to optimise training ecosystem

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT solutions Provider has deployed its cloud-based eLearning solution, akaza Learning Management System (LMS) for Central Finance’s Digital Learning Hub to empower staff through optimised training.

Sri Lanka’s No. 1 premier training platform and the ‘one-stop-shop’ for an organisation’s eLearning needs, inclusive of the platform, infrastructure, and support, akazaLMS is a local fully automated ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) deployed as a self-care portal. Importantly it is equipped with ability to purchase online offering immediate mobilisation and hosted locally on Azure Stack cloud platforms. SLT-MOBITEL has developed the solution in partnership with I-Context, an innovative digital education technology specialist.

Central Finance PLC, among the nation’s largest finance and leasing companies, required advanced and innovative digital tools to build and provide customised eLearning content to enhance staff skills thus ensuring staff are empowered and motivated to deliver business goals.

With the mobilisation of SLT-MOBITEL akazaLMS, Central Finance is able to provide training to their staff located in multiple locations and offer immediate access to resources, while staff also receive the flexibility to learn at their own pace and view individual progress. Implementing akazaLMS assures consistency in training across the company as it is not location dependent, while management and staff have access to immediate results and feedback, elevating the company’s entire learning ecosystem.

In selecting the agile akazaLMS platform, the Central Finance Training and Development team are now able to optimize compliance training and certifications while tracking individual staff skill levels.

AkazaLMS has enabled Central Finance Digital Training Hub to obtain content development services through the akazaLMS Eduprep Services, set its own course catalogue and convert their proprietary training material into interactive online material, develop five courses in Sinhala, Tamil and English in rich multi-media digital content, offer online certification, generate reports and integrate to their HRM software for better optimization.

The platform is beneficial for training staff via distance learning thus reducing logistical costs and need for physical, on-site training especially relevant in current new norm situations.

By fully on boarding akazaLMS organisations can unleash an eLearning platform that offers rapid acquisition and deployment, lower ongoing operating costs and no utilization of international bandwidth as it is hosted via SLT Cloud Infrastructure. AkazaLMS is a single solution catering to multiple training needs that is flexible, scalable and on-demand including cost efficient, pay-as-you-go modules.

Additionally, companies have access to high-speed local connectivity with better performance and latency, enterprise class stability and availability at 99.95% and access to SLT-MOBITEL 24X7 call center support including expertise when necessary.

Organisations interested in experiencing the capabilities of the platform can visit and instantly to set up a trial account and test the product in-house free of charge.