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SLT-MOBITEL supports Sri Lanka Team member Master Ricardo Trishane Seneviratne’s participation at ‘FIRST Global Challenge’ .

Supporting youth devoted to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, SLT-MOBITEL was the Travel Sponsor for ‘FIRST Global Challenge’ Sri Lanka Team member Master Ricardo Trishane Seneviratne in the quest to participate and win at the FIRST Global Challenge, held in Geneva recently.

SLT-MOBITEL is committed in its mission to creating a tech-driven economy and recognises the importance of investing in future talent to drive innovation. By supporting Master Ricardo Trishane Seneviratne’s participation at the FIRST Global Challenge, SLT-MOBITEL, helps ensure that even during these challenging times, young people have access to STEM education and resources to prepare them for a brighter future academically and professionally.

Master Ricardo Trishane Seneviratne presence also provided vital visibility to SLT-MOBITEL on a global platform as a leader in technology in South Asia, and promoter of science, technology and innovation.

Organised by FIRST Global, a non-profit, the FIRST Global Challenge is an Olympic-style, international robotics competition bringing together teams from every nation to participate and redefine global robotics, bridging diversity among high school students worldwide. At this year’s First Global Challenge over 180 teams from across the world were in attendance.

The Challenge also fosters understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve world problems. A host of international agencies, global governments and industry leaders including technology companies have endorsed the competition.

This year’s Sri Lankan Team comprised students excelling in programming, experts in mechanics and designing, planning to pursue STEM related subjects for their higher studies. Notably, Sri Lankan Teams have participated since the inception of the Challenge and recognised in previous events winning several Judges Awards.