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SLT-Mobitel visits Northern Province to understand community aspirations.

Taking pride in its loyal customer base and leading growth in the fixed and mobile segment in the Northern province, SLT-MOBITEL, the National telecommunications and technology giant engaged in a field visit to the Jaffna region recently to understand customer and community needs.

A forty-member team from the company, including its most senior management members, utilised public transport throughout the visit, as part of its new normal in managing costs for field visits and to firmly set a corporate culture of adapting cost-effective modes of transportation as a company during a time the country seeks to overcome economic challenges.      

SLT-Mobitel visits Northern Province

The team met and engaged with a wide range of stakeholders including existing and potential customers, individuals and groups representing the general public, small and medium businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurs, students, and the media to understand the aspirations of each segment of the populace and the challenges they face specifically, at this point in time.    

Leading the field visit to the north, SLT Group Chairman Rohan Fernando stated that the northern province holds a very special place within the company and its growth. He said “SLT-MOBITEL is the telecommunications and technology backbone of the country. Since the inception of this company, many engineers from the north have helped built this strong network. Our staff and offices in the North have been operating for over 40 years in Jaffna and provided stable and reliable connectivity at the most critical of times.  We have the second tallest tower in the country located in Jaffna. So, the northern region and its people have played a critical role in building the very infrastructure that powers many sectors across the country. Now, during these challenging times, we want to understand what more SLT-MOBITEL can do to support the communities and businesses in this region. This is one of the many visits we will make to the region in the coming months, and we will do everything in our power to support our brothers and sisters in the region.”

SLT-Mobitel visits Northern Province

Continuing to invest in the economic revival of the northern region, SLT-MOBITEL engaged in an extended tour of the famous Delft Island to explore the strengthening of the island’s telecommunication and technology backbone, in line with the development aspirations of the Governor of the Northern Province Jeevan Thiagarajah.    

The iconic, historical, and geographically strategic island has the potential to be a unique tourist hub in Sri Lanka and the development of Delft as a tourist hub will present tremendous opportunities for the nearly five thousand residents in the island and to many others in the northern region.

SLT-MOBITEL’s senior management team met its employees in the Jaffna offices and heads of the regional teams to explore how services could be enhanced to cater to the specific requirements of both its employees and customers. SLT-MOBITEL introduced the ‘Kalo Kalo’ package recently which was specially designed for its customers in the Northern region. It offers a multitude of benefits to individuals, communities, and businesses during this current challenging economic environment. It’s one of many products and services that will be offered specifically to the northern region.