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SLT-MOBITEL selected ‘Dreamers’ to champion meaningful solutions for national challenges.

The SLT-MOBITEL hosted, ‘Dreamers Wanted Programme’, calling visionaries, inventors, geniuses and outside-the-box thinkers to present meaningful prototypes, concluded recently showcasing winners who demonstrated truly transformative ideas and solutions to resolve national challenges.

The winners featured innovative utilisation of technology and tools and SLT-MOBITEL aims to support these entrepreneurial ground breakers to realise these dreams whilst supporting Sri Lanka rebound and flourish.

ManKiwwa​ exhibited a pioneering app to be utilised as a common platform enabling the public to report problems and incidents with extended reach across all local authorities in Sri Lanka. SLT-MOBITEL will facilitate the connection to local authorities and provide business development support through marketing and help in expanding customer reach.

Reinforcing the need for sustainable solutions in the country, the Eco-Friendly Bricks project adopting eco-friendly, low-cost building materials using red soil, was another winner. For this prototype SLT-MOBITEL will assist by linking with financial institutes to ensure business expansion and offer business development support.

A solution to pump water to farms using wind powered motors – the Water Pumping Windmill was adjudged another ‘Dreamer’. ​SLT-MOBITEL will support the project connecting the developers to financial institutions. Business development support through marketing, branding and in reaching customers will be arranged.

Project Sakura​, to provide low-income rural villagers an affordable energy alternative was also a winner​. The solution presented was a novel low-cost light tube that captures solar light to provide electricity and power small bulbs. SLT-MOBITEL will offer business development and financial support for the project expansion.

The winners were selected by the Dreamers Wanted Evaluation Team comprising SLT-MOBITEL officials and education experts from local universities. They reviewed and shortlisted visionary applicants seeking to contribute to Sri Lanka’s development.   

Spearheading the SLT-MOBITEL’s ‘Dreamers Wanted’ initiative was the Group’s Research and Development, ‘SLT-MOBITEL The Embryo’. The programme aims to drive a multi-channel innovation pipeline building cutting-edge digital solutions to serve the nation utilising valuable knowledge and skills within the SLT Group while collaborating with Academia, Industry, Integrators and Entrepreneurs.

Prabhath Ambegoda, Chief Corporate & Innovation Officer said, “SLT-MOBITEL is committed to support entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures and in continuing to identify ways we can help each other. The Dreamers Wanted Programme’ winners demonstrate a promising signal that we are on the right path to in seeking solutions to resolve national challenges. Together with our Embryo programme, we are positive in making a difference to our customers, communities and the planet.”

With the successful conclusion of the Dreamers Wanted program, SLT-MOBITEL now begins the process of transforming these ideas into reality for a stronger Sri Lanka.