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SLT iSupplier

iSupplier is the online supplier collaboration network of SLT for online tendering and procurement under SLT ERP system. This is a complete and secure information submission service for companies seeking to supply goods and services to SLT.

SLT iSupplier Portal : 


  • Login credentials (Username & Password) will be emailed after successful registration.
  • You will be notified of the tender notices via system emails and iSupplier portal notifications.
  • Please follow iSupplier Registration User Guide & upload required supplier registration documents to SLT iSupplier portal.
  • For further clarifications, pls. call 011 3090 649.

Additional Information

  • If there is a change of contact point to the company, it is required to submit “Supplier Change of Contact Details” form (Annex C under Application for iSupplier Registration) at your earliest.
  • Those who are registering for multiple years: At the end of each year, you need to update your account with “Rainbow pages registration confirmation” letter of current year & bank statements of immediate past year. If you are a company incorporated outside Sri Lanka, Pls. ignore “Rainbow Pages registration confirmation letter. SLT iSupplier system will prompt this requirements before expiring your account.
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