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Access your VPN on a range of devices over the public internet from anywhere in the world

SLTMobitel Remote VPN (RVPN) users are allowed to access their private enterprise network on a range of devices over the public internet from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you log in to your business VPN on mobile, tab or PC SLTMobitel RVPN client application is supported. Advantages of Remote VPN are,

  • Enables seamless access to remote users who are in the field
  • Less operational cost
  • SLTMobitel manages all necessary equipment such as Remote Access Servers
  • Class leading security practices. RVPN uses of dynamic passwords with either soft token or hard token
  • Seamlessly add new users to the VPN

Services & Features


RVPN creates a virtual private secure tunnel between the remote user and enterprise network over the public internet. SLTMobitel RVPN communication is encrypted and authenticated by two-factor authentication with either hardware or software-based OTP methods. Our RVPN solution is well matched to any type of VPN user who is looking for cost-effective remote VPN extensions for a remote workforce. System admin can simply create a new user and quickly add to the network and deletion of users also can be done While using this service;

  • RVPN users can access the main server, through a Remote Access Server (RAS) infrastructure hosted at SLTMobitel.
  • After success authentication process (by pre-assigned username and a dynamic password) users are allowed to access the internet.
  • One Time Password (OTP) generator device or soft token generator app (both iOS & Android) provided for RVPN users to strengthen security against unauthorized VPN access.
  • RVPN users are allowed to reset their password as they wish.