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SLT and MoE Strengthen “Children-Parent” Communication through “Sisu-Connect” (1314)

  • SLT “Sisu-Connect” Virtual telephone platform

  • Children are empowered with “Cash-less” Communication feature for the 1st time in Sri Lanka

  • Parents are facilitated to ensure their Children’s “protection”

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the National ICT Solutions Provider together with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology launched “Sisu-Connect”, an especially architected virtual telephone platform to bridge the much-needed “Children-Parent” communication gap that occurs when children are away from their parents. The “Sisu-Connect” communication service was launched under the patronage of the Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Telecommunications & Information Technology and the Hon. Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Education at a special ceremony held at the Ministry of Education

SLT “Sisu-Connect” virtual telephone service for students has been especially designed as one of the Corporate Responsibility initiatives of the Company for the year 2014 to protect the country’s future generation even when they are physically away from their parents. Parents are naturally uncomfortable and concerned when their children are away at school or tution classes etc. The SLT team has put in a great effort to implement this hassle free communication system for both children and parents. Unlike a child using any other communication device, SLT’s “Sisu-Connect” telephone system creates a better environment for students to connect with their parents or guardians in the most secure and easy to access manner, and also enables them to enjoy crystal clear voice quality communications.

SLT has already started the process of installing these special telephone units inside the school premises or education institutes selected by the MoE under the 1st phase of “Sisu-Connect” program. Further, the company has plans to expand this system to other schools and education institutes around the country in the near future with the guidance of both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Telecommunications & IT.

The most special feature of this “Sisu-Connect” telephone platform is that students do not need cash to operate the telephone and get in touch with their parents / guardians so it is a ‘Cash-less’ telephone service provided by SLT for students. A unique and simple PIN number will be given to students upon registering for the service after which they can access the “Sisu-Connect” IVR system. Upon the press of a single key which has been pre-assigned at the time of registering, the child can dial any fixed or mobile numbers that has already been assigned by the parent / guardian. Up to 4 numbers can be programmed including both fixed and mobile phones of father, mother, home, office, school van etc.

Mr. Lalith de Silva, the Group CEO of SLT commenting on this special service, said “We believe SLT’s “Sisu-Connect”, Children-Parent communication system will be a revolutionising service to create better understanding, better communication and a better secured future for our country’s dynamic future generation. Under the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” future vision, Sri Lanka is marching towards a Knowledge Hub, which is the vision of the education sector and thus all our corporate stewardship initiatives are focused on making the country’s future vision a reality. We, the SLT team believe that we are a part of that vision and we ensure that we strengthen, both directly and indirectly, the values of the socio-economic ecosystem in Sri Lanka. SLT is making significant investments with national interest to install these special telephone units in nearly 200 school premises during the first phase.”

“Sisu-Connect” platform is linked with SLT Megaline and SLT Citylink telephone systems and therefore any SLT telephone customer is able to add the “Sisu-Connect” feature to their customer account as a value-added feature at a fixed monthly rental of Rs. 50/=. Number of calling minutes made through the system will be added to the respective SLT telephone monthly bill.