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SLT joins with Virusara Varaprasada to empower war heroes and their families.

- SLT to give wings to the dreams of war heroes.

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016: Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider in the country announced the company’s partnership with the government’s Virusara Varaprasada initiative that seeks to pay tribute to war heroes and their families for the great sacrifice that they have made on behalf of the nation. The announcement was made at a press conference organized by SLT at its Head Office premises last Wednesday.

Virusara Varaprasada (Virusara Privilege card) was introduced by the Ministry of Defence to expand the welfare benefits offered to disabled or retired officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Civil Defence Forces who have sacrificed their lives to protect the country and its people. This privilege card is also extended to the immediate family members of these officers. The Virusara privilege card will make the holders of the card eligible to a range of attractive offers from a diverse range of corporations, covering all of their day to day needs such as medical care and treatment, transportation, banking and finance facilities, telecommunications and ICT as well as provide easy access to a range of other products and services.

SLT, as a national corporate entity, came forward to support the government’s Virusara Varaprasada initiative and contribute towards these individuals and make a difference in their lives by empowering them with the means to achieve their dreams. Through this programme, SLT provides these war heroes with the greatest opportunity ever - to receive the latest ICT services coupled with service excellence at the most attractive and best discounts as never experienced before. Under the packages offered by SLT, Virusara Privilege customers are entitled to the following benefits:

Megaline new connections

SLT offers a discount exceeding 80% on the connection fee when purchasing SLT’s Megaline voice packages; 57% discount is offered on the connection fee for Megaline double play (Broadband) which is provided with a free wi-fi router, while 54% discount on the connection fee is charged for Megaline double play (PEO TV) which comes along with a free set up box and router; a 50% discount is offered on the connection fee for Megaline triple play customers and it also comes along with a free set up box and router. All calls are charged at the floor rates for the war heroes and their families under the Virusara Varaprasada scheme.

Package upgrades

For customers who wish to carry out package upgrades to double play (broadband or PEO TV) or triple play packages, these upgrades can be done free of the start-up fee while the necessary customer premises equipment will also be provided free of charge by SLT.

Special PEO TV “Virusara Varaprasada” package

Furthermore, cardholders are entitled to the Virusara Varaprasada PEO TV package which provides a total of 42 channels, at a monthly rental of Rs. 550/- only and is free of start-up fee. The router and set top box is provided free of charge.

Citylink CDMA

New Citylink connections are provided at 50% start-up fee while customers are also offered the opportunity to purchase new cordless phone instruments under an easy payment scheme. Calls are charged at the basic floor rates.

Sisu Connect

SLT Sisu Connect enables parents to keep in touch with their children no matter where they are without the need to carry a mobile phone or cash. Under the Virusara Varaprasada scheme, the war heroes and their families are able to obtain the Sisu Connect package free of monthly rental with which to keep in touch with their children when away from home. Calls will be charged at nominal rates.

As the national ICT solutions provider, SLT understands this as an obligation and responsibility that must be fulfilled. These individuals and their families have paid a great price for the nation. The disabilities that they have had to endure, the lives lost and the time that these families have lost with their loved ones is irreplaceable. This is the least that can be done, to help them to achieve their dreams in the future and live the lives that they may have always dreamed of.

SLT’s Virusara Varaprasada offer will commence from 4th April 2016. Interested parties can contact SLT’s 24 hour hotline 1212 for any information and clarifications.