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SLT powered University of Peradeniya with world-class “Carrier-grade Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

  • - Hotspots are open to prepaid Wi-Fi users & free Wi-Fi access to University’s contents

  • - Existing SLT Broadband users can use the same username and password to connect

  • - Crowdsourcing locations powered with multiple APIs

  • - University empowered to provide economical, high-speed internet access to students

  • - All type of Wi-Fi supported laptop, tab and smartphone users to benefit.

Sri Lanka Telecom, the national ICT solutions provider in the country launched its latest Carrier-grade Wi-Fi hotspot at the University of Peradeniya. The Company has expanded its location based Wi-Fi services with a view of facilitating broadband internet users with most reliable, high speed internet connectivity options. The agreement was signed by Prof. Upul B. Dissanayake, Vice Chancellor of the University and Mr. P. G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the Chairman of SLT Group.

(from left): Prof. Upul B. Dissanayake, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya and Mr. P. G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the Chairman of SLT Group exchanging the agreement. Prof. R.L. Wijeyeweera, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya and Mr. Chinthaka Wijesooriya, Chief Regional Officer of SLT also were present at the ceremony (right).

Academics who are studying in the University of Peradeniya are now able to experience the next evolution in wireless broadband connectivity, as SLT expands Sri Lanka’s first carrier-grade Wi-Fi network. The company believes the ‘SLT Wi-Fi’ solution is set to revolutionise the mobile computing experience for end-users like academics, travellers etc. The company will be further expanding its Wi-Fi hotspot service, which is the Next Generation Wireless Broadband Access technology to improve the overall quality of the country’s broadband footprint empowering more citizens in the country with a superior broadband experience.

Students having SLT Broadband at their homes will get immense freedom to get connected to any of SLT’s public Wi-Fi Hotspots by using the same Broadband username and password which they use at home to connect to the internet. The pre-paid Wi-Fi option will also further enhance convenience for internet users. Further, users will get FREE access to the university’s contents available on their web site (

Prof. Upul B. Dissanayake, Vice-Chancellor of the University expressing his views said “The country’s education sector especially, requires special attention to achieve the goals towards a knowledge based economy. I believe, ICT is the key to bring about a better future, and empower Sri Lanka citizens to march towards the mission of conquering the world one day. We are fully geared to bring technological advancements to the higher education sector enabling academics to actively participate in the country’s development activities. SLT’s active participation in this empowerment mission is very much needed at this crucial stage and we truly appreciate their contribution.”

Mr. P. G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the Chairman of SLT Group commenting at this occasion said, “We believe instant and reliable internet is no longer a luxury for universities and colleges, it’s a necessity. Students don’t just want access inside the buildings either, they’re also going to need coverage outdoors and ideally while traveling around campus. High-speed, affordable broadband connectivity to the Internet is a foundation stone of modern society, offering widely recognized economic and social benefits. SLT commenced the launch of its public Wi-Fi hotspot service powered by “carrier-grade” Wi-Fi technology last year. This is the Next Generation Wireless Broadband Access technology, and was launched with the intention of expanding the country’s broadband footprint to empower more citizens in the country with access to a superior broadband experience. I would like to thank vice chancellor and Deputy vice chancellor of the University of Peradeniya for placing their confidence on SLT for this future focussed endeavour.”

To scale Wi-Fi across the university, many access points (APs) are required; both for coverage as well as capacity. Even if the AP can cover the physical area, there may be too many people in the area for the AP to handle, like a lecture hall or auditorium. Considering all these practical aspects company have deployed more than 20 APs to provide a seamless connectivity experience to users.