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Comprehensive on-premises Software-Defined Wide Area Network service with cloud-based security

SLTMobitel introduces comprehensive on-premises Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service with cloud-based security. With SLTMobitel SD-WAN Service, SLTMobitel offers you an agile controller-based solution that meets WAN performance and security requirements. Also, it will elevate network traffic management away from hardware and premises to next-gen software in the cloud. SLTMobitel SDWAN solution offers you,

Services & Features

With a flexible architecture to extend your network to any environment, SLTMobitel SD-WAN service will provide you with a software-defined networking solution that elevates network traffic management away from hardware and premises to next-generation software in the cloud for enhanced agility, control and visibility. SLTMobitel SD-WAN can use any transport method (BIL, E-Net, MPLS, 4G/LTE). In that case, from any location (core, edge, cloud) for any network service (security, application Quality of Experience [QoE], voice), and extend intent-based networking across the branch, WAN, and cloud. SLTMobitel SD-WAN will provide highly secure, dynamic, application-aware network traffic management by using a centralized control function incorporating user-defined application and routing policies. You can easily and securely deploy routers with less effort with Zero-Touch Provisioning. We guarantee to offer a high quality service to you by offering,

  • Comprehensive on-premises and cloud-based security.
  • WAN access that helps you to meet compliance demands on site.
  • End-to-end visibility, segmentation policy management, and security enforcement across the network with a single WAN fabric.
  • Full integration with the cloud-delivered Cisco Umbrella platform.
  • Direct Internet access (DIA).
  • Multi-cloud access.
  • High availability, with predictable service.
  • Dynamically routed application traffic with application-aware routing.
  • Improved OpEx, replacing expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) services with more economical Internet connections.
  • Centralize cloud management.
  • Application-aware policies with end-to-end segmentation and real-time access control.
  • Integrated threat protection enforced at the right place.
  • Secure traffic across broadband Internet and into the cloud.
  • Distribute security to the branch.
  • Seamless extension of the WAN to multiple public clouds.
  • Real-time optimized performance for Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other major SaaS applications.
  • Optimized workflows for cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
  • A single, centralized, cloud-delivered management dashboard for configuration and management of WAN, cloud, and security.
  • Template-based, zero-touch provisioning for all locations: branch, campus, and cloud.
  • Detailed reporting of application and WAN performance for business analytics and bandwidth forecasting.