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Megaline New Connection Charges

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SLT Megaline connections (wireline telephone connections) are available in three different packages, depending on your requirement and range from Voice only package to Voice + Broadband or PeoTV to Voice+Broadband+PeoTV


New Connection Charges

  • Services
  • Calling
  • Customer Premises
  • Connection
  • Mega Double Play PEOTV

  • Telephone
    & PeoTV


    ADSL Router


  • Rs.8,000.00

    with ADSL Router

  • Mega Triple Play
  • Telephone,
    & PeoTV


    ADSL Router


  • Rs.8,000.00

    with ADSL Router

  • Mega Double Play
  • Telephone
    & Broadband

  • ADSL Router


  • Rs.3,500.00

    without ADSL Router


Why should I choose a Megaline Connection?

  • Crystal clear voice
  • Offer of Voice ,Broadband and PeoTV services through a single line
  • Single number for all generations
  • Safe to use - No radiation
  • Island-wide network coverage
  • Line that is always connected – No utility power requirement for telephone use

How long will it take to get my Megaline (fixed line telephone) connection?

  • 7 working days from the date of payment. This is applicable for Colombo City and other cities only and where new telephone poles do not have to be erected, and is subject to loop availability. (Please refer PDF file included under “Downloads” for the detailed list of locations under Colombo City and other cities).

What are the new connection charges?

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  • Above charges are applicable within 500m from the last Distribution Point (DP).      
  • For distances more than 500m from the last DP, a charge of Rs. 2,400 per additional 100m will be charged.
  • Commitment Period – 1 Year

With the new Megaline package, you will get the following features.

  • Low initial charge.
  • Discounted IDD calls and free Value Added Service (VAS) bundles.
  • Broadband & PeoTV Services through the same telephone.

What is the difference between Mega Home and Mega Office calling plans?

  • Separate calling plans for single, double and triple play customers
  • Extended off-peak time band  for home users
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  • Business customers are benefitted when making longer calls due to reducing call charges after 3rd minute

Who is entitled for Single, Double & Triple play Packages?

  • All  Wireline Telephone ( PSTN  )customers
  • Existing Wireline customers who are already registered in different voice packages or price plans AND prefer to migrate to new Megaline packages.

    Eg: Calling plans - Residential, Business & Religious, VTalk

    Old new connection packages – PSTN, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Existing CDMA customers who prefer to migrate to Wireline connections.

What is mandatory when purchasing a new Megaline package?

It is compulsory to complete the 12 months commitment period for all bundled services in your chosen package.

What are applicable charges to transfer from existing wireline telephone to Megaline package

  • You will be charged Rs.750/= as a package transfer fee.
  • This charge will be applicable for the following packages when transferring to new single, double and triple play packages (EXCEPT for Mega Home & Mega Office users)
    • Old new connection packages – PSTN, Bronze , Silver, Gold, Platinum
    • Old calling plans – Residential, Business, VTalk
    • If you use special commitment voice package/s you will be entitled to transfer to the new Megaline package only after completing the commitment period.

If I am using ISDN presently, can I transfer to the new Megaline package?

Yes. You can transfer to the new package by paying a fee of Rs. 750.

Can I change my Megaline package periodically to suit my requirements?

  • Yes, you can upgrade your existing package any time free of charge.
  • But package downgrade will be allowed only after completing the 12 months commitment period.
  • Package upgrade/ downgrade can be done once per billing month.

If I select Double play or Triple play packages, does SLT provide me the necessary instruments for broadband and PeoTV ?

Yes, but it will depend on the chosen Megaline package.


  • SLT provides the Router and Set-top Box for PeoTV connection with double play and triple play packages free of charge.
  •  However, if you wish to get only the broadband package you have to purchase Modem/Router from Teleshops or from the open market.

Does VAS bundles available for all Single, Double & Triple Play customers?

Yes, you can sign up for any of the three VAS Bundles


The VAS bundles are provided through the Nest Generation Network (NGN) network. NGN Network is currently not available in some areas.  However, the entire network throughout the country will be migrated to NGN very soon; hence SLT has given an opportunity to every customer to get these new Megaline packages and bundled services/VAS.


Supposing you are not in an NGN area when you get the new Megaline package, you will be entitled to the following VAS free of monthly rental until you are transferred to NGN network facility.


SLT Plus     - Standard monthly rental is Rs.75

CLI               - Standard monthly rental is Rs.50

SMS             - Standard monthly rental is Rs.25

Can I use my own telephone unit instead of SLT provided instrument ?

Yes of course. SLT offers a discount on monthly rental for customers who use their own telephone. This scheme is called Customer Owned Telephone Instrument Scheme (COTIS). Please refer the table below for rentals

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How can I get more information or clarification in Megaline packages?

You can call SLT’s toll free number 1212 or contact your nearest Teleshop or Regional Telecom Office.


Above charges are exclusive of taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of purchase