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Study Platforms

In collaboration with leading learning management systems, SLT offers Study Platform data bundles to use these study platforms at concession data charges. With these data bundles, SLT aims to convert classroom education into a fully online one and make it affordable to all.


Below platforms are entitled to Study Platfrom data bundles. Subscriber can fully utilize all platform features within the data bundle while continuing with other online activities.


Data Bundles


Data Bundle


LMS Lite

30 GB



100 GB



How to subscribe?

How to pay?

  • Data bundle is valid for 30 days and no time bands applicable.
  • These bundles can be activated only for broadband users who have an active volume based broadband package. Abhimaana, Entrée and old Plus packages are excluded from this bundle subscription.
  • Packages entitled for the data bundle as follows.
    - All time-based packages
    - All anytime packages
  • At the start of your billing cycle, Study Platform data bundle will consume first for these applications. In case of full utilization of the the data bundle, the package data bundle, Extra GB, or Bonus Data will come into effect.
  • Your data bundle might not be counted due to the following reasons. Considering the below reasons we cannot ensure that the usage added to the Meet Data bundle.
    - Use of VPN, Proxy, and Tunnels which impact to identify data traffic.
    - Possible changes, development, improvements in Content Providers Network (related to protocols mentioned under this package) or content streams where it will take some time to develop platform signatures.
    - Move contents into a different content provider network by the application owners.
    - Embed content in some other web sites where the headers may change and therefore not possible to classify.
    - Use of browsers or programs which may modify the traffic behavior.
    - These Bundles are not applicable when you are using “sltgo” community Wi-Fi network.
  • You can check the bundle data usage under the "Data Add-On" tab of Broadband VAS Portal and SLT Broadband App.
  • Daily usage is shown in SLT Broadband App and Broadband VAS Portal doesn’t contain Meet Bundle usage details.
  • Subscribers to the data bundle shall have a postive standard data balance in their monthly qouta allocation to stream or browse the contents of the platforms specified in the data bundle at full speed, irrespective of the data remaining on the Procured bundle. This is in view of the fact that some of the platform initiation and continuation services require protocols which are outside of the designated ones in data bundle.
  • Active subscriptions will be shown under “Add-Ons” tab in SLT Broadband App and Broadband VAS Portal. In case of information not shown under “Add-Ons” tab you may reauthorize login to the application.
  • Study Platform bundle usage also added to daily usage reports. The report includes the percentages of all traffic for the day.
  • Subscription to the data bundle is valid for 30 days and customer needs to add the bundle again after the bundle is fully consumed or expired in 30 days, also full amount will be charged for the bundle without prorating.