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General Telephone : 1212

email :

1 2 1 2


You can access this hotline through any fixed or mobile telephone. This number is Toll free for SLT Telephones but chargeable for other networks.

Services Offered
  • Fault reporting
  • Technical support for Broadband & PeoTV customers
  • Billing inquiries and complaints
  • Alarm service
SMS to 0113121212
  • Balance inquiry : BALANCE(Telephone No)(space)(Account No)
  • Report a fault : TELFAULT(space)(Telephone No)
1 2 1 2

Directory Information

For information on business organizations in Sri Lanka.

1 2 1 2

Tele Rainbow Service

Provides business information about Rainbow Pages advertiser listings.

To Check Current Time

1 2 9 2
1 2 9 3
1 2 9 4

Other Automated and Interactive Voice Response Services

CDMA prepaid service (for CDMA customers only)
1 2 2 2
Dial-up Internet access
1 2 5 0

How to Handle Nuisance Calls

  • Remain calm and do not respond in any way to the caller.
  • Do not enter into a conversation and especially do not reveal any personal information about yourself or your household.
  • If the caller phones you repeatedly, do not speak first; genuine callers will identify themselves.
  • If you have the Caller Line Identification (CLI) facility on your phone, note down the caller's number, date & time of the call for future reference.
  • If the problem persists, contact your Regional Telecom Office.

SLT will make every effort to assist you and take measures to stop this social menace. According to the Telecommunication Act No.25 of 1991 such types of abusive calls are dealt within sections 58 and 59.