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SLT announces ‘Free Broadband Internet Access to ALL’ on 1st of January 2018

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the county’s leading digital service provider and No. 1 broadband network operator proudly announces its special offer, “Free Broadband Internet Access to All” for its internet customers on 1st of January for a period of 24 hours to celebrate the dawn of New Year. With this offer, SLT broadband customers get the opportunity of access internet for any purposes such as access all social media platforms, audio-video streaming, online gaming, online shopping etc. absolutely free of charge during the entire day of the new year.

This will facilitate SLT’s valuable customers to wish their loved ones and build and foster relationships while sharing their happy moments. The offer applies to all SLT Broadband internet users (Fibre, ADSL & LTE) between 1st of January 2018 (From 0:00 hrs – 23.59 hrs) to enjoy unlimited data access with SLT’s super-fast broadband connection.

 SLT is undoubtedly occupies the top position in Broadband internet data volume. The Company provides unmatched offers throughout the year including highest monthly data volume with more than 2000GBs, highest download speed – up to 100Mbps, shared data for multiple devices – on Wi-Fi capable smart devices to enable SLT Broadband internet consumers to meet their growing digital requirements. SLT Broadband customers are powered with ultra-high speed broadband through the Nationwide Fibre Optics backbone connectivity and unmatched multiple gigantic global connectivity options.