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Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud

Developer Cloud with Modern App services

SLTMobitel, the only Azure Stack provider in the country, introduces Azure Stack Hub / The Intelligent Cloud Service, a Developer Cloud with modern App Services. It can service large, small, and medium-range enterprises to government institutions to deploy and manage Infrastructure applications from the provider’s data centre. It can be operated as a Hybrid cloud or a private cloud.

  • True hybrid cloud in Sri Lanka.
  • Solution for latency-sensitive app developers.
  • Solution for Data Residency Issue.
  • Better performance with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.
  • Governance and Compliance (PCI DSS v.3.2, CSA CCM v.3.0.1).
  • Serverless Computing functions.
  • Container Platform for Microservice development.
  • Analytics for the Application Development.

Services & Features

Azure Stack Hub is an extension of Azure from Microsoft located in the SLTMobitel data centre to provide you with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) Services as a private or hybrid cloud to meet your business requirement. The platform runs on Microsoft-certified hardware and offers the same application model, self-service portals, and APIs with Azure Resource Manager. The Azure Stack provides automated deployment of applications and services with reusable templates through Azure Resource Manager. It also delivers cloud-based capabilities irrespective of your business using global Azure or on-premises resources. The service is renowned for larger organizations that are required to offer a range of services.

  • Virtual Machines with Portal Access.
  • Database Services.
  • Event Hub services.
  • Serverless Computing.
  • Azure Stack Marketplace.
  • In-built network functions.
  • Storage services.
  • Cloud Security services.
  • Network & Application security.