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SLT Chairman counters false accusations.

P G Kumarasingha Sirisena as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom wishes to explain that sources have published misleading articles tarnishing his image and character. As a responsible officer in the government sector for over 30 years, and as the present Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom Group he categorically denies these allegations leveled against him.
In reference to the allegation of awarding of the Mobitel insurance tender to Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, he firmly assures that the initiative taken was to safeguard the organization and government interest as Sri Lanka Insurance is a state owned Corporation. The decision was to extend the existing contract with Sri Lanka Insurance by two months, therefore, giving sufficient time to make a more prudent decision to benefit both Mobitel as well as the investment of a government entity. The advantages to the SLT Group as a whole was considered in making this decision.
As the Chairman of a reputed listed company, his unstinted commitment to SLT as a company and to its subsidiaries is unquestionable. The alleged house rent matter was discussed due to the significant amount of time he spends on the road from home to office. Furthermore, he has not drawn any extra payment or any form of remuneration from the group as a salary or otherwise other than what was drawn by previous Chairpersons.
Therefore he wishes to inform responsibly that his sincere service for the state and its people through Sri Lanka Telecom will continue in good faith irrespective of the unsubstantiated allegations of affected under world business crooks who have been adversely affected by his presence in the Telecommunications industry of Sri Lanka.